Call From the Mountain

We realize that having right or wrong mindsets can impact our relationship with God and also impact our ability to influence the world for Christ. Here at Call from the Mountain (CFM), an extension of Mt Zion Church, our goal is to reach out to Christian leaders and the world as a whole and help to bring them to maturity in Christ. Through video, books, and audio, we hope to help you challenge old mindsets, gain a better understanding of who God is and His plan for the world, and become everything God has called you to be.

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Loren Covarrubias, senior pastor of Mt Zion Church, began his journey in full-time ministry in the late 1970s. As a young man in his mid-twenties, he had a heart for God’s people and a word from the Lord calling him to establish a church. Over 40 years has passed since then and Mt Zion Church continues to impact not just its local community, but also the other nations of the world. Loren is married to his wife and ministry partner, Bonnie. They have three children: Loren, Billy, and Ashley, as well as many grandchildren.

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