Book Overview

Unlocking Insights from the Book of Revelation

Satan as the serpent, the beast, and the dragon is real, but he is still limited to God's story. It is time for the church to walk in the place of victory ordained by God to shine forth the brightness of His calling. The new Jerusalem is not a fictitious city set in a distant time beyond our reach and comprehension. It is a present reality granted to the church to boldly declare to our world what a satisfied life really looks like.

In The Descending New Jerusalem, Pastor Loren Covarrubias sheds light on a prophetic perspective that has been overlooked by the church. For too long, the Revelation has been overshadowed by those looking for an exit from creation when God is asking for those that are looking to demonstrate it. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a story of conflict, the pervading influence of evil, and the ultimate triumph of God and His people. It’s time to walk as our Father intended and be victorious!

Chapter 1

The Significance

of Revelation

Chapter 2

What is the

New Jerusalem?

Chapter 3

The Glorious


Chapter 4

Receiving Spiritual


Chapter 5

Becoming an 


Chapter 6

The Throne Room


Chapter 7

The Horses

are Running

Chapter 8



Chapter 9

The Two-Fold


Chapter 10

The Church – The

Bride of Christ

Chapter 11

The Serpent as

a Dragon

Chapter 12

The Lamb’s


Chapter 13


over Babylon

Chapter 14

Bride, Get

Yourself Ready!

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