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You Have Been Designed to Reveal His Glory

God is speaking clearly to the church—it is time to take your place of influence in the world. Yet, one of the greatest lies propagated by the enemy in the garden that is still believed today is that God is controlling.

In Finding Your Place in God’s Eternal Purpose, Pastor Loren Covarrubias will position you to gain a perspective on the Kingdom of God and the goal of Christianity before it was watered down to its current state. Walking through the Word of God in a step-by-step fashion, we are given an opportunity to address emotions, mindsets, and even traditions that have prevented us from being the powerful church Jesus so boldly proclaimed at His departure.

What People Are Saying

Chuck E.
Chuck E.
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A must read for all Christians. In this day it is our time to arise and shine... are you ready? Pastor Loren's word in this book will equip you with a new mindset for this awesome day of a God.
Gerri M.
Gerri M.
Eternal Purpose
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Wonderful book by Pastor Loren. God is using this great man. His words speak to us thru his books.
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer
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A true prophet of The Lord with an inside of where your place is in God's eternal purpose. Have all his books.

Chapter 1

Where Does God’s Plan

Begin for You?

Chapter 2

Is God Trying

to Control You?

Chapter 3

What is the

Gospel Message?

Chapter 4

You Were Designed

for an Eternal Purpose

Chapter 5

God Uses the “What You Do”

to Become the “Who You Are?”

Chapter 6

Where Does Your Natural Life

Fit Into His Eternal Plan?

Chapter 7

Your Dominion Will Come

Through Stewardship

Chapter 8

Jesus Christ is the

Prototype for Your Life

Chapter 9

Is it Possible to Understand

God and Walk in Maturity?

Chapter 10

How Can Love Be

the Destiny?

Chapter 11

What is the Sign of

the “End of Time?”

Chapter 12

What Does Walking in God’s

Authority Really Mean?

Chapter 13

How Do You

Activate Wisdom?

Chapter 14

Are You Willing to Walk

as a Son of God?

Chapter 15

God Wants to Bring You

to a Place of Glory




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