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At a young age, we typically have planted in our minds the idea of the devil as a little figure in a red suit with a tail carrying a pitchfork. As we grow older, we realize that the devil probably doesn’t look like that, but there is still a visual picture that comes to mind when the devil is mentioned and we most definitely keep the idea that the devil is out to get us.

In Why is the Devil in My Garden?, Pastor Loren Covarrubias answers a difficult yet important question about the traditional view of the devil. Much of what people believe about the devil is based upon subjective experiences and the traditions of men rather than the Word of God. This book will challenge your beliefs about the devil and the role that he plays both in the world and in your own personal life. Examine the scriptures with me and you will see what the Word of God tells us concerning these things.

What People Are Saying

Jessica G.
Jessica G.
Great read and easy to follow along.
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I loved this book! It is like a fresh breath of air, unlike other books speaking of "Revelation, end time theories". It's not doom and gloom. The author really opens your eyes to the truth of what Gods word states about spiritual warfare and other emotional responses we have as humans and shows how not to fear and how to weed our gardens to reach what God intended for us.
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I feel that this book is a must read for every Christian or not. It gives you a better understanding of how the devil works, how he became and why he wants to destroy our lives. As sure that there is a God there is a devil and he is roaring about seeking whom he may destroy. I have a much better understanding of why and who he is. It is well written and easy to understand. I encourage everyone to read this book. C.T.
Listen up!
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Life changing knowledge! Clarifies misunderstandings we may of had and gives a greater understanding of God's purpose for those in his Kingdom being a light unto the world! A valuable resource for the serious! For me, several reads and a good amount of meditation to absorb all that is being presented! Oh yeah ... then implementing ....
Gerri M.
Gerri M.
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This book help me learn and understand so much of the tools that could be used against use. Very powerful information.
Chuck E.
Chuck E.
A Must Read...
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Excellent information and insight. The author knows his stuff, obviously a prophetically annointed man of God. A must read for all Christians!

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Chapter 2



Chapter 3



Chapter 4



Chapter 5

The Anointed


Chapter 6

The Beast and

the Dragon

Chapter 7

The Power

of Darkness

Chapter 8

The Harlot

of Babylon

Chapter 9

The Dragon’s


Chapter 10

The Angel

of Light

Chapter 11

Arise and


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