Book Overview

It’s Time to Move our Revival

into the New Day!

As Christians, we need to have an ear to hear what God is speaking to His church, “This is a new day.” For the last one hundred years, the global church has experienced the unprecedented blessings of the Pentecostal-charismatic Movement. However, the movement has reached its full expression.

In The New Awakening, Pastor Loren Covarrubias sheds light upon this brand new era for the body of Christ from a prophetic perspective. He also provides practical application principles to walk in maturity and power in your everyday life. There is a call going forth for a new awakening in your life and in the church!

Chapter 1

The Forward Move

of the Church

Chapter 2

The Call to

New Leadership

Chapter 3

It’s Time to


Chapter 4

Encountering More of

God in the New Day

Chapter 5

More than

Just You

Chapter 6

More than Just Emotional

Fervor – We Need Wisdom

Chapter 7

More than What We Do

– It’s Who We Are

Chapter 8

More of the Spirit

and of The Word

Chapter 9

Demonstrating More

of His Love

Chapter 10

Focusing More

on The Father

Chapter 11

Becoming More than

Servants – Sons

Chapter 12

Find the Life of Satisfaction

Through His Purpose

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